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Owners of dangerous dogs to be fined

27 | 10 | 14

In an attempt to cut down on the number of dog attacks in the UK, the owners of badly behaved canines will now face fines of up to £20,000 if they do not take appropriate corrective measures.

Serious Injury

Council fined after cleaner is seriously injured in road accident

20 | 10 | 14

Manchester City Council has been fined £15,000 after a worker was run over at 70mph while on duty.

Accidents at Work, Road & Bike

Heavy rain causes chaos on Manchester roads

16 | 10 | 14

It was reported that Greater Manchester experienced 30mm of rainfall in the first six days of October – far more than it received in the entire month of September.

Road & Bike

What to do if you are knocked down by a cyclist

09 | 10 | 14

Most people associate road traffic accidents involving pedestrians with cars and motorcycles, but they are not the only vehicles that can cause serious harm to people.

Road & Bike

Mother sues council after daughter fractures skull in playground fall

24 | 09 | 14

A mother from Stockport is suing her local council for neglecting to make a playground safer, after her daughter Ella fell off a slide in Hazel Grove’s Clarendon Road Park and fractured her skull.

Serious Injury

Cyclist films commute to shame negligent drivers

18 | 09 | 14

A Manchester commuter who cycles to and from work every day has begun filming examples of negligent driving and posting them on YouTube under the alias ‘MCR Cyclist’.

Road & Bike

Building firm director fined over failure to provide hot water

27 | 08 | 14

A Stockport-based building company director has been fined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after failing to provide his staff with adequate washing facilities.

Accidents at Work

RoSPA calls for better occupational road risk management

30 | 07 | 14

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has urged employers and the government to do more to monitor work-related road accidents.

Road & Bike

What happens if you are in a road accident with an emergency vehicle?

04 | 07 | 14

Ambulances, fire engines and police cars are not immune to road accidents, nor are they exempt from blame in these circumstances. We’ve taken a look at what you should do if you are involved in an accident with an emergency vehicle.

Road & Bike

Failed appeal for jailed 15mph driver after fatal crash

27 | 06 | 14

A 73-year-old man who killed a pedestrian while driving at 15mph in Lincoln has lost an appeal against his two-year jail sentence.

Road & Bike