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Compensation for Victims of PIP Implant Scandal

25 | 05 | 21

The final report into the PIP breast implant scandal has concluded that the gel material does not cause a long-term threat to human health.

Medical Negligence

Discrepancies in the level of service provided by NHS

24 | 09 | 15

Patients suffering from any form of ailment expect to be given the same quality of care no matter where they live. However, in a recent study conducted by the NHS, discrepancies in the level of service provided to patients were found across NHS facilities.

Medical Negligence

Britain amongst worst for leaving instruments in patients

17 | 08 | 15

Last week a report was published showing that hospitals in the UK have one of the worst records in the western world for leaving surgical instruments in patients after surgery.

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Health secretary wants NHS ‘candour’ to improve patient safety

04 | 04 | 14

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has outlined new measures designed to halve serious mistakes within the NHS.

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Cosmetic surgery reforms divide opinion

13 | 02 | 14

Health ministers have announced new plans which are intended to place tighter restrictions on the availability of certain cosmetic surgery procedures for patients in England.

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Solicitors and insurers react to Mesothelioma Bill

23 | 01 | 14

Insurers and solicitors have been reacting to the government’s proposed Mesothelioma Bill, which sets out a new scheme for compensating victims who cannot trace their insurer.

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Concern as A&E units miss targets

13 | 12 | 13

NHS figures have revealed English A&E units have missed their waiting time targets for the first time since mid-April.

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Risk of death after operations higher for weekend patients

04 | 06 | 13

A report from the British Medical Journal has indicated that the risk of death from non-emergency procedures is significantly higher towards the end of the week.

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Queen’s Speech gives hope to mesothelioma sufferers

21 | 05 | 13

Earlier this month, the Queen gave her annual speech at the state opening of Parliament, in which she outlined the government’s plans for the year ahead.

Accidents at Work, Medical Negligence

NHS report critical of cosmetic surgery regulations

24 | 04 | 13

An NHS review of the UK cosmetic surgery industry has warned the government of serious inadequacies in the way certain procedures are regulated.

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