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Autumn leaves: the dangers

06 | 11 | 15

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

Autumn leaves: the dangers

You have to admit; crisps fresh fallen leaves on a sunny autumn day are incredibly picturesque. In fact, the picturesque scenes that autumn creates see people travel far and wide to witness the colours and beautiful scenes created.
According to Lonely Planet, one of the worlds best places to see autumn colours is the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. The mix of trees found there provides a ‘rusty riot of yellow and gold’.

Aside from the obvious changes around that a new season brings, another way of noticing that autumn has begun is by the rise in the number of falls we hear about. Slips trips and falls increase particularly during the autumn and winter months, particularly because of the increase in leaves on the ground. Not only will this cause a slippery surface as they build up, but they also cover potential hazards beneath them.

Many people are not aware, that similar to a fall in a private place such as your place of work or shopping centre, the same applies to the local council when it comes to fallen leaves. Understandably, your local authority cannot control as and when leaves fall from the tree- but they are responsible for ensuring that the fallen leaves do not cause a hazard to the public.

Your local councils are covered against personal injury claims by public liability insurance; it is their legal obligation to ensure the safety of the public. They are responsible for maintaining public pavements and walkways, and if you fall as a result of this not being met, it is their fault for not following the appropriate measures to prevent accidents.

Businesses are advised by the Health and Safety Executive website to put in place a procedure for removing leaves at regular intervals or even remove the trees that are causing an issue altogether, to increase the safety of the employees and the general public.

While we are on the subject of personal injuries caused by weather, it’s also worth noting that the change in weather conditions can increase accidents for many other reasons, aside from falling leaves. Our latest blog looks at how to avoid accidents during winter weather and what precautions to take.

Whether you have suffered a non-fault personal injury in a public place due to negligence from your local council, or you have suffered a non-fault personal injury at work, you could be entitled to make an accident compensation claim.

If you feel as though you have suffered a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors' team of Manchester Personal Injury Lawyers will advise you on the best course of action. Sheldon Davidson Solicitors are Personal Injury Claim specialists with expertise in handling a broad range of Personal Injury Claims, from Road Traffic Accident Claims to Medical Negligence Claims.

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