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Winter weather: how to decrease your risk of injury

06 | 11 | 15

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

Winter weather: how to decrease your risk of injury

Dare we mention it, the big C word?

The most wonderful time of the year certainly is on its way, and, with internet predictions of a white Christmas have started as early as September- the Met Office has clarified it’s definitely too early to predict this. In fact, The Met Office has confirmed they can only accurately forecast whether there will be snow up to five days beforehand. So we’re all going to have to wait until the 20th of December before getting our hopes up!

Our last white Christmas wasn’t so long ago; in 2010 the UK saw snow on the ground at 83% of weather stations- the highest amount ever recorded.

But, with winter on its way, we are taking a look at how the change in weather affects your risk of slips trips and falls, and how these can increase during autumn and winter.

Snow Ice and Rain
Understandably this creates slippery conditions, hence why accidents increase. In preparation for the winter months, ensure you have sensible footwear with plenty of grip. We would also advise leaving for your destination with plenty of time, this way you can avoid rushing, and give yourself the extra time for any unforeseen weather conditions.

With snow, ice and rain around ensure you take care when entering buildings, as wet flooring can be particularly hazardous. To help with your balance, concentration and overall awareness of your surroundings when walking in these conditions it’s also recommended that you avoid using any form of technology, such as texting or browsing the Internet.

Weather Check
As the met office says- ‘The UK can sometimes experience four seasons in one day”

It’s therefore advisable that you prepare yourself by not just checking the weather before you head off but also by preparing for the worst-case scenario. If travelling by car it is worth having additional and adequate clothing and footwear with you and if commuting via public transport, check before you leave work and home and also consider having those extra items under the desk just in case.

Slips, trip and falls
Whether your slip trip or fall has happened in a workplace or public space, if its due to an unsafe environment and your accident could have been prevented, you may be able to make an accident claim for compensation.

It is the responsibility of local authorities and employers to ensure that areas are safe and that accidents are prevented. You should not have to suffer due to the negligence of others. If you are in the unfortunate position of having sustained an injury due to negligence, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors' team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester will advise you on the best way to proceed. with your claim.

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