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Official Injury Claims Portal - Fair or Flawed?

02 | 08 | 22

Varying degrees of criticism have been levied against the OIC since its launch, and, more than a year from its launch, the portal is attracting widespread criticism from the public and from the legal profession.

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Most Dangerous Industries for Accidents at Work

07 | 12 | 21

Workers in certain industries have been shown to have face a higher risk of serious or fatal injury. This article looks at those sectors in detail and the most common types of injuries that occur.

Accidents at Work

Compensation for Victims of PIP Implant Scandal

25 | 05 | 21

The final report into the PIP breast implant scandal has concluded that the gel material does not cause a long-term threat to human health.

Medical Negligence

Final update on the Marathon!

10 | 12 | 18

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London Marathon

09 | 10 | 18

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Don’t Let Christmas Take Away Your Licence

17 | 12 | 15

According to figures from Think! 240 people died in 2013 due to drink driving in the UK. Did you know that having a second drink can double your chance of a fatal collision?

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Good news for Motorists or not?

14 | 12 | 15

Recently the Government made some unexpected announcements in relation to personal injury claims.

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Drive less, live more

27 | 11 | 15

We are half way through Road Safety Week that is currently taking place across the UK between the 23-29 of November.

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Your responsibilities when it comes to snow

19 | 11 | 15

Get your woolly hat and gloves out, it’s about to get a lot colder. According to the Manchester Evening News, snow is set to hit parts of Manchester this weekend.

Serious Injury

Bonfire Night Celebrations in Manchester

13 | 11 | 15

Firework displays have been taking part up and down the country in celebration of Bonfire Night.

Serious Injury