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Traffic accident compensation claims on icy roads

22 | 01 | 13

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

Freezing weather increases road accident risk

The Highways Agency has praised motorists for the way they have dealt with tricky road conditions caused by the cold weather that has swept across the country.

As roads became more and more hazardous, the organisation said they were “urging road users to remain vigilant” while thanking those who have taken greater care during the last few days.

The Met Office has issued a number of yellow ice warnings across the country, and motorists have been asked to leave extra room for braking and avoid sudden moves such as overtaking.

As is often the case in situations such as this, the Highways Agency has also requested that motorists consider whether their journey is really necessary.

One group who may wish to be extra cautious in their response to the bad weather is motorcyclists. News of motorcycle accidents has appeared on the pages of many regional publications over the last week, leading to further warnings from police about the state of the roads.

How might this impact any traffic accident compensation claim?

The big question for motorists unfortunate to be involved in an accident on an icy road will be whether or not the wintry conditions will influence the likely success of their claim.

The key factor in any traffic accident compensation claim is where the fault lies, and there are two circumstances to consider in the case of an icy road.

The first is whether or not the road was sufficiently gritted when your accident occurred. If there was no grit on the road, then depending on the time and place of your crash it may be possible to make a successful claim against the local council or the Highways Agency.

If it is someone else’s responsibility to maintain the road, and they did not do this, then it may be possible to establish that it was their fault you had your accident.

On the other hand, if you are involved in a car or motorcycle accident claim against another vehicle, then the way both parties were driving originally could come into play. If one driver was found to be ignoring the potentially dangerous conditions and not adjusting their driving habits accordingly, then blame could be placed on them and you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you suffered.

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