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Safe Journeys for the August Bank Holiday

21 | 08 | 15

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

Believe it or not, the British summer is in full swing!

Aside from overindulging at BBQs, the odd trip to the seaside, weddings, weddings and more weddings, one thing we at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors love more than anything about the British Summertime is bank holidays!

Sadly this August 31st we will bid farewell to our trusted public holiday for 2015, as we see the final bank holiday of the year (Christmas excepted).

Whatever your plans, there’s no denying it, for some reason us British see a Bank Holiday as a great opportunity to make the most of our day. Whether it’s using your extended weekend to take a relaxing break, visit relatives or turning to DIY. And then somehow, just like the last bank holiday, and the one before that, you’re sat on the motorway, in gridlock, frustrated, annoyed and promising yourself that the next bank holiday you will avoid the motorways at all costs!

It’s inevitable, with every bank holiday comes the extra traffic and the increased risk of being involved in a traffic accident.

With more traffic, and everyone trying to get to and from their destinations the easiest way they know how to, this can sometimes increase the risk of an accident.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of ‘Stay Safe’ tips on the road this Bank Holiday.

Vehicle Maintenance

Not only will this extend your vehicle’s lifespan, but it is also a vital factor in ensuring your safety.

Major issues with your vehicle will more than likely be picked up during your mandatory annual MOT or regular service. However, there are checks you can make before making any long or short journey:

-Keep your windscreen and all windows clear and free of any obstruction
-Ensure lights, indicators, reflectors and number plates are free of any dirt or dust and are clear for other motorists
-Ensure all seat belts within the car are working and your mirrors are correctly positioned
-If you’re heading away for a break, ensure all of your luggage is stowed securely and safely within the vehicle.

If vehicle maintenance is a concern of yours - Gov.UK explains vehicle maintenance safety and security in more detail.

Speed Limits – not targets

Remember, a speed limit is there as a limit, not a target. Aside from the hefty fines and sometimes penalty points on your licence, exceeding the speed limit really isn’t worth it. If you’re planning on driving in an unfamiliar area pay attention to the speed limits even if you’re driving with a sat-nav.

Driving While Drowsy

According to research from the road, safety provider Think! almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep-related.

If you’re tired, drowsy or feeling a little under the weather whilst driving, you must stop, get some fresh air and have plenty of fluids. Service stations are there to serve a purpose: use them to stop and take a moment to refresh.

Driving whilst feeling drowsy can have fatal consequences. By keeping hydrated, taking regular breaks and ensuring that you’re fully alert means you’re far less likely to put yourself, and potentially others, in any sort of dangers whilst driving.

If you have a big drive ahead of you the next day ensure you get your recommended eight hours of sleep.

Drink Driving

In 2012 there were 230 deaths relating to drink-driving in the UK. All 230 deaths could have been avoided had a driver not chosen to get behind the wheel whilst drunk.

Here in the UK, there are strict limits for drivers when it comes to drink-driving. The consequence of breaking these rules will see you facing a minimum 12-month driving ban, criminal record and a large fine to go along with it.

Whilst under the influence of alcohol, your coordination and reaction times are affected dramatically; both are extremely important factors when behind the wheel.

Regardless of whether you’re ‘feeling fine’ after a drink and feel capable of driving this is to be avoided at all costs. Not only are you putting your own safety at risk but also others on the road.

Whilst we hope the above information has been useful if you are looking for further tips, the road safety information providers Think! have a host of information and Road Safety campaign examples to encourage safer behaviour on our roads and avoid traffic accident claims.

Here’s to a safe and enjoyable August bank holiday from us here at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors.

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