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North West Road Traffic Accidents

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By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

North West road traffic accidents decrease

Road traffic accidents in the North West have fallen by 44% in the last ten years, according to figures from Post Office Car Insurance.

Their study looked at the last decade of reported accidents across the whole of the UK, and found that accidents have fallen from 229,000 in 2001 to 151,474 in 2011, suggesting that our roads are becoming safer places to drive.

However, despite experiencing the biggest drop in recorded incidents, the North West remains the third biggest hotspot for road accidents in the country, behind London and the South East. Both of those regions accounted for 16% each of the total figure, with the North West, which of course includes Greater Manchester, home to 11% of cases.

Scotland and Wales are in the bottom three accident regions, perhaps a reflection of the much greater volume of traffic on English roads. Just 7% of the UK’s road traffic accidents occurred north of the border, while Wales was the scene of a relatively low 4%.

The North East is at the bottom of the list with 4%, and around 600 fewer road traffic accidents in total than Wales.

Get help from road traffic accident solicitors

While this decrease is good news for road users, it certainly does not mean that drivers should be any less careful on the road, and unfortunately, accidents still happen every day.

The 2011 figures for the North West may have fallen, but there were still 16,403 reported road accidents in the region. In many of these cases, a person may be injured even though the accident was not their fault.

If you believe this applies to you, it is important that you seek the advice of trained road traffic accident solicitors as soon as possible.

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