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Manchester motorists at risk due to lack of road sign knowledge

28 | 11 | 14

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

A survey has suggested that as many as 70% of road users in Manchester have an unsatisfactory knowledge of basic road signs.

The survey quizzed 379 Mancunian motorists and cyclists on the meanings of various types of road signs.

Only 20% of respondents with full driving licences knew that red circles with white backgrounds are prohibitive. Similarly, just 25% were aware that red triangular signs with white backgrounds contain warnings.

Poor knowledge of road signs can cause serious road traffic accidents

If a driver misreads or disregards a sign that informs them of the speed limit for the road ahead, they could round a corner too quickly and collide with another motorist. Similarly, ignoring a sign that warns of a slippery road could also cause an accident involving multiple vehicles – and perhaps even pedestrians.

High-speed collisions often cause serious injuries – to both the blameless victim and the driver at fault. In especially unfortunate cases, there can even be fatalities.

As road signs provide us with vital instructions on how we should behave on certain roads, being able to interpret them properly is fundamental to road safety.

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