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Health secretary introduces annual doctor testing

29 | 10 | 12

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

New bill seeks to minimise GP mistakes

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is to launch annual assessments and five-yearly checks in a bid to ensure Britain’s doctors are providing appropriate care.

This monitoring will comprise both a dossier of evidence proving competence and patient questionnaires supporting the doctor’s abilities. It aims to cut the number of medical negligence cases suffered by patients each year.

Incidents where care falls below the required standard prompt many to seek help from medical negligence solicitors each year and a look at the statistics reveals why Mr Hunt has felt it necessary to finally set in motion a plan that was first suggested over a decade ago.

In May, a study commissioned by the General Medical Council (GMC), was conducted over the course of a year and concluded that this amounted to 45 million errors. It was reported that one in 20 prescriptions given to patients visiting their GP contained a mistake.

In June, a study led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine revealed that nearly 12,000 patients die in NHS hospitals every year as a result of basic medical errors.

Medical negligence can of course take many forms, including misdiagnosis and late referrals, mistakes during surgery, poor nursing care, use of defective medical products or any illness caused or worsened by substandard care.

How medical negligence solicitors can help

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We can also assist with other types of Personal Injury Claim,  including professional negligence claims for those who feel they were not awarded sufficient compensation in a previous medical negligence case as a result of their previous solicitor’s actions. 

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