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Cosmetic surgery reforms divide opinion

13 | 02 | 14

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

Health ministers have announced new plans which are intended to place tighter restrictions on the availability of certain cosmetic surgery procedures for patients in England.

However, leading plastic surgeons have reacted negatively to the plans, suggesting they do not go far enough.

Under the new guidelines, it will be illegal for any practitioner to offer dermal fillers as a treatment unless they have been fully trained.

There will also be a review of record-keeping procedures in the wake of 2012’s PIP breast implant controversy, while patients will be given more time to decide whether or not they wish to proceed.

The Royal College of Surgeons will be consulted on industry standards, while there will be tighter restrictions on advertising with help from the Advertising Standards Authority.

Crucially, there will also be a review of the way compensation is awarded to those who fall victim to medical negligence during the course of their cosmetic surgery treatment.

Chief plastic surgeon wants treatments to be prescription only

One of the main complaints from medical professionals is that the new laws have not fully taken into account a 2013 industry review conducted by Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS in England.

His key finding was that products such as dermal fillers should become prescription only, but this has not been incorporated into the new changes. Despite this, Sir Bruce was supportive of the government’s plans, saying they would create a safer environment for patients.

Ministers have suggested that reclassifying dermal fillers was not possible because the EU does not classify them as a medicine.

However, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) Rajiv Grover said the organisation was “appalled at the lack of action taken”.

He added that the government had missed an opportunity to regulate the sale, marketing and advertising of dermal fillers.

Ministers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will consider the plans separately before deciding whether they wish to adopt them.

How to make a cosmetic surgery negligence claim

Patients who are affected by cosmetic surgery negligence can still pursue compensation in the same way as before the new plans were announced.

Anyone who suffers as a result of their surgeon’s negligence may be eligible to make a compensation claim. This could address any physical distress caused by the error, as well as the financial inconvenience involved in any follow-up procedures to correct the damage.

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