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APIL targets compensation culture “myth”

25 | 04 | 14

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

This time last year, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling made headlines as he pledged to “tackle the growth of compensation culture” in the UK. Now, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has hit back with a report proving that no such culture exists.

Their findings take aim at several “myths” put forward by those seeking to change the law surrounding compensation awards in personal injury claims, particularly those regarding accidents at work.

Indeed, they were able to provide government figures proving that around 50% fewer workers made a claim against their employer in 2012/13 than they did a decade earlier. Evidence also suggests that only one in seven workers who are injured or contract an industrial disease ever receive compensation.

APIL also dismissed the notion that compensation amounts are too high, citing the 75% of cases that saw damages of under £10,000 awarded. It added that high amounts of compensation were given to those who suffered serious injuries and that the final figure was calculated in order to help the victim return to the state they were in before their accident or illness.

APIL holds employers and insurers responsible

APIL also railed against the entirely false idea that lawyers are inclined to drag a case out for as long as they can in order to command a higher fee. In fact, regulations state that for claims that result in an award of £10,000-£25,000 a solicitor can claim no more than £1,600.

This holds true regardless of the time involved in preparing the case, so there would be nothing to gain by making a claim last longer than necessary.

APIL went on to suggest that the best way to reduce the amount of compensation necessary for people injured at work would be for employers to stop acting negligently and causing accidents. They added that if guilty employers and their insurance companies admitted liability earlier, this would mean legal and medical bills were lower.

Don’t be put off making a claim

All of these findings from APIL should provide reassurance to any injured worker who is hesitating over whether or not to make a claim.

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