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62% think personal injury compensation is deserved

29 | 05 | 14

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

A new study suggests 62% of the UK population feels that victims of non-fault personal injuries deserve to receive compensation, according to research commissioned by a leading claims management company.

One thousand people were questioned in the study, which also looked at the effect on victims who elected not to make a claim.

Victims spending their own money to make ends meet

Many of the injured parties questioned were entitled to compensation that would have restored them to the financial position they were in before the incident occurred. However, 44% of respondents admitted they did not proceed with a claim in the wake of their accident, resorting to other ways of making up the shortfall created by lost earnings or medical bills.

Over half dipped into their savings, while other strategies included using credit cards or loans (20%), selling possessions (26%), borrowing money (22%) or cancelling a pre-arranged holiday (21%).

Despite these often extreme measures, just over half of victims indicated they would use personal injury compensation to pay for things like medical treatment or loss of earnings.

How personal injury can affect a victim’s lifestyle

Those who suggested injured people were not deserving of accommodation may be interested to read about the lifestyle changes victims have been forced to make in the aftermath of their accident.

57% said they had to fundamentally change their lifestyle, and many of these enforced alterations have had a financial impact. For example, depending on the severity of the injury it may be necessary to move house or take alternate transport into work.

The need to make ends meet, coupled with the potential inability to enjoy activities they once did, means victims may also be affected physically and emotionally. 30% had to reduce the amount of exercise they took, while 21% spent less time and money on hobbies and leisure. 8% of respondents said they had been forced to cancel children’s activities as a result of their injuries.

The importance of making a claim

All of this data highlights the importance of making a claim whenever you are eligible. There is no reason to be wary of making a claim, and not doing so could mean your quality of life is diminished for years to come.

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