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Mrs. K from Edgware, North London, was awarded £7,500.00 for the injury sustained to her left arm after undergoing rabies injections in May 2018. 

In May 2018, the client underwent rabies vaccination injections to the left arm. After the injections were administered, the client experienced constant and significant pain in her left shoulder/arm including constant shooting pains. 

In November 2019, the client attended a Private Hospital and underwent an ultrasound and MRI scan of the left arm/shoulder, and it was found that she had a soft tissue thickening and some fat thickening with a mild breach of the subdermal fascial line at the site of the pain.

The client was diagnosed with 'subdermal fascial hole', tissue damage in the left arm, and it was confirmed that she needed to undergo a 6-8 week course of physiotherapy to include ultrasound shockwave therapy as well as deep tissue massage. From January to March 2020, the client underwent 5 sessions of ultrasound shockwave therapy on the left arm/shoulder. 

During our investigations on the claim, it was confirmed by an independent Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon that looking at the pinpoint siting of the injection site, localised tenderness, and depigmentation of skin, and taking into account the ultrasound scan findings, it was likely the client’s continued pain is as a result of the injury caused by the rabies injections in May 2018.

Further to this, our expert confirmed that had the client been given an injection into the deltoid muscle, she would not have sustained the damage seen on the ultrasound scan and suffered from subsequent pain after undergoing the rabies injections. Our expert also confirmed that the client will need to undergo further treatment in the form of steroid injections under ultrasound guidance. 

As a consequence of the defendant's negligence, the client has suffered from constant and significant pain in her left arm/shoulder since May 2018 and this pain is likely to continue for 3 months after the client receives the appropriate treatment as recommended by our independent expert. 

The Defendant agreed to settle the claim and the client was awarded £7,500. 

Mrs K's thoughts

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for every step you have taken in this case on my behalf. I fully appreciate that right from the start you took over a very challenging matter which had been previously delayed by the previous solicitors. However, despite this, you were able to take a case from a very difficult start to a really impressive conclusion.

What always mattered to me, as I said from the beginning, was not so much the value of damages that could be recovered from Boots but the fact that there would be some recognition from them as to what had happened to me as a result of their clinician’s negligence.

I really do feel that you personally were absolutely the key to the success of this matter because of your attention to detail and to always advising me closely and supporting me with every decision along the way and keeping me fully informed and updated.  

You are always so friendly and polite and understanding,  and, as time has gone on, it has turned out to be in many ways quite a complex matter from various aspects. Through it all, you managed to work out a way for me, as your client, to achieve what I regard as more than an excellent outcome. In fact, it has exceeded what I had expected from the beginning.

In my view, you have always gone over and above “the call of duty” to coin a phrase -  in the sense that you were determined to find a way for me to have the best chance of some success in this case, and you’ve not only achieved that but you exceeded all expectations and again I’m fully appreciative and thankful to you for it.

Given my own personal circumstances, the conclusion of this case has been an enormous boost to me emotionally and for that I shall always be grateful to you."

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Mrs K's thoughts

Given my own personal circumstances, the conclusion of this case has been an enormous boost to me emotionally and for that I shall always be grateful to you.

Mrs K

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