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Mrs Wong was awarded £30,500 for the very sad and tragic loss of her baby during pregnancy.

Ms Wong was known to be carrying a large for gestational age baby, as confirmed by ultrasound scans and measurement of Symphysis Fundal Height during pregnancy. On 12th July 2018, at 34 weeks gestation, a growth scan was performed which recorded the estimated foetal weight as 3169 grams, above the 95th centile. There was in fact an error in the recording of the estimated foetal weight, which should have been recorded as 3342 grams.

On 20th July 2018, Ms Wong was diagnosed with gestational diabetes further to a GP appointment. Ms Wong was referred to the Defendant Hospital for review however due to an administrative error, missed her appointment as she had been given the incorrect time.

On 27th July 2018 at 35 +6 weeks gestation, Ms Wong attended the Defendant Hospital due to vaginal spotting. The Hospital noted that the Ms Wong was having contractions and she was informed that due to the large size of her baby, she may require a caesarean section. However, at staff changeover, despite failure to manually examine, it was decided that she could undergo vaginal delivery.

Sadly, there was a shoulder dystocia during the delivery and as a result of the Defendant’s negligence, Ms Wong sadly lost her son. The Defendant Hospital also completed a Root Cause Analysis Investigation Report admitting to their failures.

Our independent Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist opined that there was a breach of duty by the Defendant Hospital in failing to provide Ms Wong with the reasonable and appropriate treatment for gestational diabetes, failure to act in a reasonable and appropriate manner in light of details about large baby and failure to offer caesarean section. Our expert has confirmed that, on a balance of probability, had Ms Wong been provided with the appropriate treatment, and undergone a caesarean section, her baby would have survived.

As a result of the Defendant’s negligence, Ms Wong sadly lost her baby boy. Ms Wong was awarded £30,500.

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