Achalasia Delayed Diagnosis Claim London



Mr D received £10,000 as a result of a delay in diagnosis of achalasia (a disorder of the food pipe which can make it difficult to swallow food and drink)

Mr D was due to undergo a capsule endoscopy at the Defendant hospital. However, he was not able to attend his appointment and so contacted the hospital to reschedule. He also informed his GP Surgery that he was not able to attend and they contacted the Defendant Hospital to inform them that Mr D wished to reschedule his appointment.

The Defendant hospital were therefore informed by both Mr D and his GP Surgery, however, the Defendant hospital failed to provide another appointment and removed Mr D from the waiting list in error. 

As a result of the Defendant’s failure to provide Mr D with the reasonable and appropriate treatment, there was a 1-year delay in the diagnosis and treatment of achalasia.

During this period, Mr D suffered various symptoms including significant weight loss, tiredness, vomiting and reflux symptoms. Mr D was not able to digest his food and during this period of time suffered a prolonged period of pain, suffering and loss of amenity and his university studies were also disrupted.

Mr D suffered from these symptoms until he was diagnosed with achalasia and had dilatation surgery.  Had Mr D undergone the capsule endoscopy at an earlier date, achalasia would have been diagnosed earlier and he could have undergone dilation surgery a lot sooner and avoided a significant period of pain and suffering. 

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