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Sports injury claims

Post-Olympics sports craze could cause an increase in sports injury claims

The success of Team GB at the London Olympics will doubtless inspire a renewed interest in sports all over the UK.

Encouraging the public to try new sports and get active was one of the main aims of the Games, and it seems to have worked: in a recent survey by Freeview, 70 per cent of respondents said the Olympians had become their new role models. However, it is inevitable that an increase in the number of people participating in sports will also lead to an increase in accidents and injuries.

While minor sprains, cuts and bruises are to be expected – and some might say, part of the fun – occasionally sports injuries can be very serious and cause permanent damage. If someone else was at fault, you could be entitled to make a sports injury compensation claim. Sheldon Davidson, a firm of personal injury solicitors in Manchester, explains the types of sports injury where liability could be proved.

Sports injuries – when can you claim?

Slips, trips and fallsIf you suffered an injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall at a sports venue, you may be able to claim. There should of course be clear negligence on their part, e.g. uneven flooring, slippery floors with no warnings, or obstructions in walkways.

Insufficient safety measures or equipment– Were you provided with a helmet or other appropriate safety wear? Were you given full instruction and warnings of the risks? Was there someone present responsible for the safety of participants? If you were injured playing sport and you feel the instructor, venue or club could have prevented that injury with better safety measures, you could make a claim.

Accidents on the road – Heroes such as Bradley Wiggins and Laura Trott will undoubtedly inspire many to get on their bikes. Unfortunately, the roads can be dangerous for inexperienced cyclists – if someone else is at fault, you could make a traffic accident compensation claim.

Serious injuries – Certain sports carry exceptional risk of serious personal injury; skiing, rugby, horse riding or boxing, for example, not to mention extreme sports. It can be hard to place blame for injuries sustained in situations where you put yourself at risk, but if you believe a coach, organiser, venue or club is liable, you may have a case.

Contact Sheldon Davidson Solicitors for further information about making a personal injury claim for sports-related accidents.

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