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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can occur in certain jobs for a variety of reasons. People who work outside can suffer from over exposure to sunlight, while certain jobs may see employees come into contact with dangerous chemicals or radiation that can bring about the condition.

If you are diagnosed with skin cancer and feel your work environment was to blame, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors may be able to help you make an industrial disease claim.

Which jobs are at risk?

Anyone who works outside a lot can increase the possibility of getting skin cancer if they do not take the necessary precautions. High risk jobs include landscapers, gardeners, life guards, labourers, farm workers and refuse collectors.

Protective equipment should be available to shield staff from sunlight as much as possible, while work schedules should ensure no one is at risk from being out in the sun for too long.

Many people work with dangerous chemicals that can cause skin disorders including cancer if not used safely. Cleaners and medical staff are just two examples of the kind of role which poses this risk.

In these cases, protective equipment such as gloves and masks should be readily available, and employees should have clear guidelines regarding the safe use of all substances.

Making a skin cancer compensation claim

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help victims who have developed skin cancer due to their employment conditions. The symptoms of this condition may remain unidentified for some time, and it is possible you may no longer be working in the job that put you at risk.

Nevertheless, you can still make a claim if a link can be proven between your skin cancer and your current or former work environment.