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Sheldon Davidson’s noise-induced hearing loss clinics

Sheldon Davidson’s noise-induced hearing loss clinics

We hold clinics for noise-induced hearing loss (“NIHL”), which usually take place in a hotel that is convenient for our clients.

People who believe they may have NIHL will be given an appointment to come to the hotel, where you will be greeted in the foyer and taken to the clinic.


The clinic process

First you will undergo a hearing test by a qualified audiologist, and you’ll then be asked to press a button to confirm you have heard a beep – which is played to you through headphones at various different frequencies.

The audiologist will be able to check from this whether you suffer from hearing loss and, if so, whether it appears to be noise-related (rather than age-related or due to some other reason such as a previous illness).

At this stage we also use specialist computer software to double-check the result given by the audiologist.

The post-test process

After a short while, you will be seen by an advisor who will go through a questionnaire with you. They will note down the details of your work history and will take particular interest in any noisy places you have worked. The advisor will make an initial assessment, and if they think you may have a possible claim against your previous or current noisy employer(s), you will be interviewed by one of our NIHL team members.

You will then be interviewed by the head of our Industrial Disease department, in order to assess in further detail whether you have a potential claim, and whether you have sufficient time in law to bring the claim to court (this is known as “limitation”).

If you pass this third stage, we will take the case on and go through our initial paperwork with you, getting all the forms signed quickly so that we can get your claim started. This will involve taking a photograph of you.

Get in touch with us

We will be on hand to answer any questions you may have in relation to our conditional fee agreement, legal expense insurance, or anything else you may be unsure about.

The clinic is a simple procedure, which we use to assess whether people have potential noise-induced hearing loss claims.

If you wish to attend one of our clinics, please let us know. Call us on 0808 9000 990 and we will take your details.