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Multiple & Major Trauma

Have you suffered complex and multiple injuries through major trauma caused by an accident?

Unfortunately, serious accidents seldom result in singular injuries. More often than not the victim suffers multiple injuries simultaneously and in some cases further injuries, directly attributable to the original accident, can appear at a later date. Here at Sheldon Davidson we have experience of pursuing financial compensation claims for all types of injuries in all manner of combinations. It is not hard to conceive that a serious car accident, or an accident whilst enjoying high adrenalin sports could result in multiple serious injuries at the same time.

Examples of serious, multiple injuries sustained during a serious accident could be:

  • Neurological (brain) Injuries
  • Orthopaedic Injuries (Limb fractures)
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Maxillofacial injuries
  • Internal Organ Injuries
  • Psychological Injuries

If you, or someone you love has suffered any combination of serious injuries as a result of an accident that you believe was due to someone else’s carelessness, then you need to speak with one of our expert lawyers. We offer a free initial consultation, after which we will be able to advise you whether there is in fact a case to be answered and whether your case has a high chance of being awarded financial compensation. So, don’t delay and call one of our highly experienced multiple injury lawyers today. Sheldon Davidson are the go-to law firm in Greater Manchester for these kind of injury claims. We pride ourselves on having the best team in the business, with a proven track record in securing high value compensation for our clients.

Riks and complications associated with complex and multiple injury cases

A person’s ability to sustain and recover from multiple injuries is dependent on many factors including age, overall health and any existing medical conditions. In a scenario where the patient has suffered multiple injuries, their treatment needs can be complex and require careful management to ensure the best chance of recovery. It is likely that the patient will need to see different specialist Doctors for different types of injury and the recovery programme for each injury will likely be different. This can mean that the road to recovery is long, which can have a significant impact on the patient themselves and also family members, who may be reliant on earnings the patient is no longer able to provide. It may also be that one or more family members are forced to work less, in order to provide care and support for the patient and as a result their earning potential is also impacted. This would be for consideration when valuing a claim for financial compensation.

How will a major trauma, multiple injurm claim be calcualted?

As with any case where financial compensation is sought, the main consideration will be to compare the life of the victim and their immediate family before and after the accident. In making this comparison our lawyers will seek to steer the court to settle on a figure which is commensurate with all costs incurred, any financial losses and expected future costs directly attributable to the accident and injuries suffered. The main items for consideration would likely be:

  • Loss of earnings (to include the victim and any family members who provide care)
  • Medical costs
  • Modifications to the home and transport (modified car for example)
  • On-going care provision
  • Any equipment required to enhance independent living

The above list is not exhaustive, as each case is unique and complex. This is where the right lawyer can make all the difference. At Sheldon Davidson we are extremely well versed on building claims of this nature for clients across the Greater Manchester region and we have much success in this field. If you choose to partner with us you can be confident that we will work as hard as we can to ensure you get the maximum financial settlement possible. Whilst this will not turn back time, or heal your injuries, it should go some way to providing some financial security for you and your family. At Sheldon Davidson we believe this is the very least you deserve.

No Win No fee multile injury claims

So confident are we in our ability to secure you the financial compensation you deserve, we operate on a no win no fee basis. This basically means that, after an initial consultation, one of our expert lawyers will be able to determine whether there is in fact a case to answer and also the likelihood of success. If, after this consultation we agree to take your case on and you are happy for us to fight on your behalf, then we will do so on a no win no fee basis. In other words, if we fail to secure you a financial settlement, you don’t pay anything. This is how confident we are. So, with that in mind there is nothing to lose by calling one of our expert, multiple injury lawyers today.