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Fatal Accident Claims

Has your loved on died as a result of a fatal accident that was not their fault?

First of all, if the above does actually apply to you, then we are deeply sorry for your loss. To lose a loved one unexpectedly in such circumstances is simply unimaginable. Sincere condolences to you and all those affected by this tragedy. Now, if you have found your way here and you are reading this, then chances are that you are searching for some answers… Perhaps you believe that your loved one died unlawfully and that someone else was at fault? If this is true then it is certainly worth a conversation with one of our highly experienced fatal accident lawyers. Just one confidential conversation can determine whether there is a case to be answered and whether there is a high chance of success. We realise it probably seems like the last thing you want to get involved with at the moment, but it may help to know that all our fatal accident lawyers are highly trained in how to deal with such sensitive cases. You will find a genuine person on the end of the line who will listen, empathise and offer honest advice. Sheldon Davidson are the go-to firm for fatal accident compensation claims across Greater Manchester, due to our extensive experience, track record of wins and our sensitive and compassionate approach towards the victim’s family. If indeed you are searching for some answers then pick up the phone and have that initial conversation with one of our lawyers today. We guarantee you will be in safe hands.

Types of fatal accident where compensation is often pursued

We realise this is difficult enough and that trawling through endless complex information is not something you likely have the energy for at this time. Hence we have kept this section brief and to the point. The types of fatal accident where financial compensation is often pursued and moreover, where compensation is eventually awarded are:

  • Road accidents where third party negligence occurred. The deceased could have been the driver, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or cyclist.
  • An accident at work whilst using machinery, as a result of a fall, or whilst in contact with hazardous substances such as chemicals.
  • Criminal Assault by a third party.
  • Medical negligence.
  • Industrial illness and disease as a result of prolonged exposure to toxic substances, or an unsafe environment. Examples of such diseases would be Lung Cancer, respiratory illnesses, or Asbestos related illnesses such as Mesothelioma.

Who can pursue a fatal accident compensation claim?

In essence it is members of the deceased person’s immediate family who can pursue such a claim, since it is their lives that are likely to be completely shattered by the tragedy. Immediate family members in the eyes of the law includes:

  • Parents (biological, or those who were treated by the deceased as parents)
  • Grandparents
  • Spouse (to include ex-spouse also in case of divorce)
  • Partner (providing they had been co-habiting with the deceased for 2 years or more before death)
  • Civil Partner
  • Children, or Step-Children
  • Siblings

Having the Serious Injury Solicitors at Sheldon Davidson on your side

Inevitably, in the event of a fatal accident, where someone else, other than the deceased was at fault there will need to be criminal investigations and most likely an inquest. At such an emotional time, this process can seem very cold and impersonal for the bereaved. That is why it can be helpful to have one of our expert fatal accident lawyers in your corner. We can help guide you through the whole process, represent you if needed and will never tire of explaining complex elements of the process in language that you can understand. We will ensure you are clear on what is happening at every stage of the process and that you feel you have a voice. As mentioned earlier, Sheldon Davidson are the go-to fatal accident lawyers in Greater Manchester and we have long-standing relationships with the judicial and law enforcement organisations across the region. Call us today and if you choose to partner with us, we will stand in your corner all the way, to ensure you get the justice your loved one and your family deserves.

How are fatal accident compensation claims valued?

Undoubtedly when someone dies suddenly, or as a result of a prolonged illness there are considerable financial implications for those left behind. Most immediately there are funeral expenses to cover. More long-term are the financial implications for the family, especially if the deceased had dependent children and was perhaps sole, or dual bread winner. It may have been that the deceased had suffered a long illness and had been unable to work in the months or years leading up to their death, causing financial hardship for the family as a result of lost earnings. All of these financial elements will be for consideration when valuing a claim. In most cases the following will be taken-into-account when valuing a claim:

  • Age of the deceased and status in terms of dependent children and their reliance on him / her financially
  • Funeral Expenses
  • The type of family relations the deceased had at time of death and once again any financial dependence
  • Medical and care fees in the case of a prolonged illness
  • Loss of earnings in the case of a prolonged illness
  • Bereavement Award –  This is a Government award under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976. This can be awarded to a parent, or spouse of someone who has suffered an unlawful death and is currently valued at £12,980.

No Win No Fee accident Claims

Obviously the last thing you want to be worried about in deciding whether to even pursue a claim for financial compensation is legal fees. This is why at Sheldon Davidson, we will only take your case on if we believe from our extensive experience and track record that we can win. If you choose Sheldon Davidson as your partner in pursuing justice for your loved one and we agree to take your case on, we will do so on a no win no fee basis. This is our guarantee of confidence to you that we will fight with all our legal might to secure you the financial compensation you deserve for the unimaginable pain and suffering you have endured.