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Eye & Sight Injuries

Have you or a loved one suffered damage to your eyes or vision because of an accident?

Being able to see is something able bodied people take for granted. Healthy eyes and vision are vital for independent and hassle free living. To suffer damage to one, or both eyes, or worse still, to lose one’s sight is unthinkable and no doubt very frightening for the victim. Sadly, people do suffer serious eye damage, and some do lose their sight as a result of accidents, or through medical negligence. Here at Sheldon Davidson we have specially trained lawyers, who are experienced in dealing with such cases. They understand first and foremost the need for compassion and specialist support in guiding clients with eye damage, or sight loss through the complex legal process. In such circumstances we will not only act as your voice as we seek justice for you, but your eyes aswell. We will never tire of explaining the legalities of the process, to ensure you are clear on exactly what is happening at every stage. If you, or your loved one has suffered eye damage, or loss of sight as a result of someone else’s carelessness, then pick up the phone and call us today. You will find a genuine expert who will listen to your story and advise whether there is a case to be answered. Sheldon Davidson are the go-to serious injury lawyers in Greater Manchester and we have many years of experience, knowledge and a track record of success in securing financial compensation for our clients.

Who can make an Eye Injury Compensation Claim?

Anyone who has suffered an eye injury, where someone else was partly, or wholly to blame, may be entitled to pursue legal action. Financial compensation is awarded for many types of eye injury and as with most compensation claims, settlement value is usually commensurate with the impact to the victim’s life when comparing their reality before and after the injury occurred. Every case is unique, which is why it is important to have an initial consultation with one of our lawyers in the first instance. Generally, you could be entitled to pursue a case for financial compensation if you have suffered as follows:

  • You have suffered an eye injury and your symptoms / care provision lasted a few weeks or more, but your eyes are now fully recovered, with no permanent symptoms.
  • You have suffered an eye injury that affected your vision temporarily.
  • You have suffered permanent eye damage and vision impairment in one eye, but not complete loss of vision.
  • You have suffered total loss of vision, or blindness in one, or both eyes.

Common causes of Serious Eye Injuries or Loss of Sight

Our eyes are extremely delicate and so they are vulnerable in the event of an accident. There are many jobs where the eyes are exposed to dangerous hazards and proper eye protection is required to be worn. In case proper protection is not worn, or proves inadequate, then there is high risk of eye injury. Sadly, it can also be the case that a person suffers eye damage as a result of medical negligence, or failure to diagnose a serious eye condition that, if picked up and treated promptly, could have be cured. Below are some examples of how eyes commonly come to be injured, or permanently damaged:

  • Foreign bodies in the eye, such as wood, grit, glass, or metal shavings. Such examples often occur in the workplace as a result of no / inadequate protective eyewear being worn.
  • Fractures of facial bones that protect the eye, such as the eye socket, normally as a result of blunt force trauma, which may occur during an assault, sports like boxing, a fall from height, or a road accident.
  • Chemical burns or splashes, as a result of contact with a hazardous or corrosive substance.
  • Radiation burns which can commonly be caused by regular sunbed use and repeated exposure to dangerously bright light, without use of the recommended eye protection.
  • Medical negligence which can be as a result of poor diagnosis, improper treatment, surgical procedures, or poor post-surgery care.
  • Negligence during cataract or laser eye surgery.

Eye Injury caused by an accident at work

When performing any tasks that pose a risk to a person’s health, safety, or wellbeing, every employer has a duty of care to protect their employees. Under the Health and Safety Act 1974 employers are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees whilst at work. This includes provision of the proper eye protection, proper training on how and when eye wear must be worn and proper supervision that health and safety rules are being adhered to. Despite these rules, there are still too many examples of serious injury in the workplace. If your accident occurred at work, your employer may be deemed negligent and therefore liable. One of our expert lawyers will be able to advise you whether this is the case.

How is an Eye Injury Claim valued?

In any case where financial compensation is sought there will be key points for consideration. Once liability has been established i.e. there are facts to prove that a third party was at fault one of our lawyers can start to build your claim by establishing facts about your life before and after the accident and how you and possibly also close family members have been forced to change / adapt as a direct result of your injury. The main things for consideration when valuing your claim will be:

  • Medical Costs
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Costs to cover changes you have been forced to make to your life, including any re-training or learning new skills
  • Loss of earnings (suffered by you, or family members who provide care / support)
  • Modifications to your home to enable independent living
  • Equipment required to assist independent living

Talk to the Eye Injury Lawyers at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors

If after reading all of the above you are still unsure if you have a claim, why not just pick up the phone and have that initial conversation? Only then can you be in an informed position as to whether there is a case to be answered and the likelihood of success. If there is indeed a case to be answered, we are here and ready to help you fight for the justice and financial compensation you deserve.