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Safer Cycling

Safer Cycling

A total of 21,287 cyclists were injured on Britain’s roads last year according to statistics from the Department of Transport.

Research from Think! shows that the number of cyclists seriously injured, increases more year on year than the number of people choosing to take up cycling.

As a result of this, there are countless initiatives to encourage and educate cyclists on the correct way to ride, and also remind all drivers to be more aware of cyclists when driving.

In the news this week, an interactive map showing Britain’s most dangerous cycling blackspots has been revealed. Amongst these blackspots are junctions in London, Cambridge and Devon- who all had the largest number of accidents last year.

The interactive map was created as part of the Cities Fit for Cycling, a campaign inspired by The Times and Mary Bower who was seriously injured while cycling in London. The aim of the campaign is to encourage safer cycling in cities

What to do if you suffer a serious bicycle injury that is not your fault?

Of the 21,287 cyclists who were injured on Britain’s roads, tragically 113 people were killed.

The statistics speak for themselves, regardless of the precautions you may take in ensuring ultimate safety while you are cycling, sometimes, accidents are inevitable. While dealing with people who have suffered serious injury on a regular basis, we are all too aware of the implication these injuries may have on you.

What may have started as your regular commute to work, may end in an accident, and one that is not your fault. Suddenly things begin to change as you begin to adjust to life after serious injury. The majority of our clients at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors will agree, that the most difficult thing after experiencing a serious injury, is adjusting to the changes to your life afterwards. This doesn’t only impact you, but also your family and loved ones around you, not to mention the financial implications this may have on you and your family.

If you have experienced a serious injury due to a cycling accident and believe you were not to blame, it is important to seek advice quickly in order to ensure your case can be dealt with in the most efficient and effective way. One of the most important aspects for us is ensuring you receive high quality medical treatment as soon as possible, with on-going care.

So, what is a non-fault serious injury?

Firstly, a serious injury involves one of the following:

-Brain and Spinal injuries

If you have suffered either of the above, and feel you were not at fault- you then need to establish who is at fault. If you are not entirely sure who was at fault, a member of our team will happily help in trying to establish this for you. It is important to note, without doing so, you will be unable to move forward with your case.

Here at Sheldon Davidson, we are leading specialist within personal injury. Because of this we are able to offer our expertise and knowledge to victims of non-fault injuries when they need it most.  We are extremely proud in the way we approach each client with a personal and professional approach.

Working with non-fault serious injury cases on a regular basis, we are all too aware of the sensitivity surround each case and show great empathy.

If you do feel that someone else’s actions, carelessness or negligence caused your injury; a member of our team will happily discuss this with you and do all that they can in order to aid you on your journey to recovery.

You can contact a member of our team on 0800 9000 990 or alternatively complete our very short online form.