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Vehicle Repair

When you are involved in an accident on the road, more often than not your vehicle will require repairs of some sort. Our solicitors have built up and maintained strong working relationships with a number of approved body shops, and can thereby ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in full working order – and looking as good as it was before the accident.

Of course, while your vehicle is undergoing repair work, you will still need a mode of transport. We can provide you with a replacement vehicle, no matter what make or model you need. Hopefully this will allow you to go about your business as normal, given the circumstances.

We understand that you will already be feeling stressed following your accident, which is why we arrange everything for you – from the damage assessment to the repair work itself.

How we go about the vehicle repair process

Firstly we bring in a team of independent motor engineers to thoroughly assess the extent of the damage to your vehicle, and how much the repair work will cost. If your car is unfortunately beyond repair, we will make sure that you get the best valuation possible.

In all vehicle repair cases, we ensure that they are performed properly, using new and authentic parts. We do not accept any corner-cutting, and would never work with any organisation that carries out imprecise work.

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We have extensive experience in handling road traffic accident cases. Sheldon Davidson Solicitors assist clients in obtaining practical financial support – which includes the cost of vehicle repairs, as well as high-quality medical care.