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Motorcycle Accidents

If you are a motorcyclist and have been injured following an accident with another motorist, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help you. Some of the most serious road accidents in the UK involve motorcycles, and frequently result in life-threatening or even fatal injuries. The government says that motorcyclists are 38 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than car drivers or passengers.

Swift Medical Treatment and Financial Compensation

As with all road accident cases, our first priority is ensuring that you quickly receive high-quality medical treatment, and then thorough ongoing care.

The recovery process for motorcyclists can often be longer than that of car drivers, given the lack of protection a motorcyclist has in the event of a crash or a collision with another vehicle. Serious injuries cause not only extreme physical damage and suffering, but can also prevent victims from getting back to work.

Loss of earnings is another of the major considerations in road accident cases. If you have been unable to earn your living as a result of the incident, we ensure that your claim makes this very clear.

Our motorcycle accident solicitors liaise with medical experts while working on your claim, in order to make sure that the extent of your injuries is explicitly stated.

Vehicle Repair and Replacement

As motorbikes are much smaller than cars, vans and lorries, it is not uncommon for them to be badly damaged in a collision. Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can arrange for your repairs and can provide you with a like-for-like replacement in the meantime, which should enable you to carry on as normal.

Consult the Personal Injury Specialists

To make claim for your motorbike accident, Contact Sheldon Davidson Solicitors today. We help the victims of road accidents obtain the compensation they deserve, and we are ready to help you.