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MPs continue to debate whiplash claim reform

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MPs continue to debate whiplash claim reform

The transport select committee has said it will continue to discuss whiplash claim reform, despite a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announcement indicating they would not raise the small claims limit.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling had been planning to increase this limit from £1,000 to £5,000 in a bid to discourage fraudulent claims, but ministers have convinced him to back down amid fears genuine whiplash victims may find it harder to claim.

However, committee chair Louise Ellman MP remains unhappy that many of their other recommendations were “ignored completely”. In particular, it is hoped that by ensuring only legitimate claims succeed, this will lead to a decrease in the cost of car insurance premiums.

Protecting genuine claimants

Whiplash cases are among the most common road traffic accident claims, and there are fears some alleged victims may in fact be attempting to cheat the system.

As such, a key aim of the MoJ is to put a stop to insurers offering compensation without seeing any medical evidence of injury. It is likely that providing proof that you visited a doctor as soon as possible after your accident will become a crucial element of successful claims in future.

The committee will also seek clarification from the government on how it will implement plans to encourage insurers and personal injury solicitors to work together to identify suspicious claims.

Making a whiplash claim

Of course, those genuinely affected by whiplash will have no trouble obtaining medical evidence of their problem, and therefore should not hesitate to make a claim if they feel they are eligible.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors have vast experience in handling whiplash claims, and making sure any settlement offer put before you by the at fault driver’s insurance company is fair.

If you have developed whiplash after a road traffic accident, contact our team to see what your next step should be.

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