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Surgical Errors

There is an element of risk involved in any surgical procedure, from spinal injuries to ophthalmology.  While mistakes will happen from time to time, unfortunately for patients they can sometimes have potentially life altering consequences.

In cases such as this, you may be entitled to claim compensation from those involved in your surgery, and Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help provide advice and guidance throughout this process.

What constitutes a surgical error?

Surgical errors are not necessarily limited to the operation itself, and can occur from the moment a condition is identified.

For example, you may not be correctly told of all the risks involved with a certain procedure and thus will not have been able to make an informed decision on whether to proceed. Errors made with your anaesthetic could also cause unnecessary distress, while it is not unheard of for patients to pick up an infection during their recovery at the hospital.

The vast majority of surgical teams are highly skilled professionals who will ensure you are well looked after during your operation. However, mistakes can happen that could be construed as medical negligence.

A poorly executed procedure could result in damage being done to areas of your body besides the organ being operated on. The equipment used could be faulty or in rare cases might not have been properly sterilised prior to surgery.

These mistakes can result in the process proving unsuccessful and may necessitate further treatment to correct the problems caused.

Among the more extreme examples of surgical errors include implements being left inside the patient or the wrong area being operated on.

Medical negligence claims with Sheldon Davidson Solicitors

If you feel that errors made during your surgery have caused you to suffer through no fault of your own, it is worth speaking to Sheldon Davidson Solicitors to ask about the possibility of a compensation claim.

Our experienced team will review every aspect of your case and advise you on the likely success of a claim. Should you wish for us to act on your behalf, we will strive to ensure you are awarded the compensation you deserve.

In cases where a family member has died as a result of surgical errors, we can often attempt to secure compensation on your behalf.

As with any medical negligence claim, you have three years from the date you were made aware of the problem in which to make a claim. Contact Sheldon Davidson Solicitors for advice on how to go about this.