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Spinal Injury

Spinal injuries are often very serious, and in many cases their impact can fundamentally alter a victim’s life. If this injury was caused by medical negligence, you should speak to Sheldon Davidson Solicitors about a compensation claim.

How Medical Negligence can cause Spinal Injuries

There are two main reasons why medical negligence might result in a spinal injury.

Surgical errors can result in damage to the spine or spinal cord, particularly if the procedure necessitates operating close to this area. Causes can range from accidental severance of the spinal cord to procedures such as an epidural being carried out incorrectly.

Spinal injuries can also occur if treatment of an existing condition is delayed or misdiagnosed. Anything from a herniated disc to a tumour can, if left untreated or not treated correctly, lead to issues.

The severity of the injuries suffered in these situations ranges from infection to paralysis, and in all cases you should speak to a solicitor to see if it will be possible to claim compensation.

Making a compensation claim

First and foremost, any claim would seek to address the physical and possible psychological trauma caused by your injuries. Your solicitor will consider all aspects of your case to determine the extent of the medical negligence involved.

Other factors such as loss of earnings will be incorporated into your compensation amount, while if a victim is left paralysed they could receive money to help them modify their home accordingly.

Due to the seriousness of spinal injuries, specialist medical care may also be required to assist rehabilitation. Once again, the costs incurred will be included in any compensation. You will be able to proceed with both medical care and home modifications while the case is ongoing.