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A small mistake or misreading during the assessment of a patient’s condition can lead to a complete misdiagnosis. This can have several consequences, sometimes serious and sometimes even fatal.

If you’ve been misdiagnosed and want to pursue a compensation claim, the misdiagnosis must have had a negative impact on your health. As with all instances of clinical negligence, these cases are not always clear-cut, and in some scenarios the negligence can be difficult to prove.

However, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors have expertise in this area of law, with a dedicated medical negligence team that is focused on your needs.

Types of Misdiagnosis

Here are three of the most common misdiagnosis scenarios:

1.  Your doctor or another medical professional misreads test results and concludes that you are healthy, when you are in fact not.

2.  You are in fact ill but are diagnosed with the wrong condition – which can often lead to medical treatment that you don’t need.

3.  You are diagnosed as having a much more serious illness than you have in reality – again, this can lead to unnecessary treatment, but can also have a negative impact on your general wellbeing.

Delayed diagnosis is quite similar to misdiagnosis, but there is a distinction – delayed diagnosis is the late yet accurate identification of your condition. Of course, the consequences of this type of negligence can be just as serious – and if your case falls under this category, we can help you.

The Time Limit for a Claim

As with all clinical negligence claims, you have three years to bring your case forward. This can be three years from the point at which you were misdiagnosed, or three years from the point at which you became aware of the misdiagnosis.

Discuss Your Case with SDS Solicitors

We successfully handle many complex clinical negligence cases each year, and our aim is always to achieve justice and secure the money you need to get your life back on track.

If your health has worsened as a result of misdiagnosis, contact Sheldon Davidson Solicitors today. We will discuss your case with you and will quickly be able to tell you whether or not you have a case.