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Gastric Band Negligence

Weight loss surgery is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as patients look to slim down as quickly as possible. Having a gastric band fitted is just one way to achieve this, but this procedure is not without risk.

If you feel that your gastric band surgery was performed poorly or that your surgeon failed to properly explain the risks involved before proceeding, you should ask Sheldon Davidson Solicitors about the possibility of a compensation claim.

Possible gastric band issues

Gastric band procedures involve attaching a band around that stomach that causes its capacity to be reduced. This should mean that it will require less food for the patient to feel full and stop eating.

However, as with any medical procedure there are risks involved, and if a doctor fails to discuss these with their patient then they leave themselves open to a medical negligence claim.

Even if the patient knows the risks, they may still experience issues such as post-operative infection, or the band itself may slip or otherwise fail to work as it should.

If your health has been harmed by a mistake made during gastric band surgery, it is possible you may be eligible for compensation. It is not sufficient to site a subsequent failure to lose weight as grounds for medical negligence.

How medical negligence claims work

If you approach Sheldon Davidson Solicitors with a complaint about gastric band negligence, the first thing our team will do is assess your claim thoroughly in order to ascertain if it is likely to succeed.

In cases where this is likely, we would then proceed to try and negotiate a settlement with the hospital’s insurance company. Any compensation you receive would reflect the loss of earnings or disruption to your quality of life that the surgery has caused.

Should a settlement prove not to be possible, our medical negligence solicitors are extremely capable when it comes to representing clients in court. Contact the team today and find out if we could help with your claim.