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Dental Negligence

Small mistakes and wrong decisions in dentistry can inflict agony and cause significant damage.

The medical negligence experts at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help you if you’ve received unsuitable or unacceptable dental treatment.

Dental Errors and the Law

Most dentists are highly skilled and carry out exceptional work on their patients, but like any type of medical professional they are capable of mistakes. There have been cases in which experienced dentists have extracted or filled the wrong tooth.

Procedural mistakes are not the only sort of dental negligence you can suffer. If your dentist carried out the wrong procedure, or carried out a procedure without fully explaining its health risks, this could also be classed as negligent behaviour.

Some of the most common examples of dental negligence include:

• Accidental extraction of a perfectly healthy tooth
• Botched root canal treatment
• Gum disease that went undiagnosed or ignored
• Nerve damage caused by an extraction or another risky procedure

There are, of course, many more scenarios in which a dentist’s actions (or lack thereof) constitute negligence. This could be virtually any situation in which they have inflicted unnecessary pain or caused long-lasting damage that could have been avoided.

Discuss Your Case with Us

Dental negligence cases are very complex, and proving the dentist was at fault can be extremely difficult. Before you proceed with any legal action, you should seek advice from an expert solicitor who can advise you on the best course of action.

If you have a viable case, we will construct a strong claim in order to achieve the highest amount of compensation for you.