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Defective Medical Devices

Every time you undergo a medical procedure, you are putting your trust in the professional in charge of your care. You can also reasonably expect that any products used in the course of your treatment will have been tested by the manufacturers to ensure they are safe.

If defective medical products mean that your treatment does not work as it should, or that your health is put in jeopardy, speak to Sheldon Davidson Solicitors about a medical negligence claim.

Common cases involving defective products

All procedures involve the use of medical products in some form, and in the vast majority of cases there are no issues. However, there are a handful of instances where compensation claims are sometimes necessary.

Operations that involve artificial components such as joint replacements, heart valves, gastric bands or cosmetic implants may be complicated if there is a previously unknown fault with these devices. Consequently, they will need to be removed and in some cases your health may be adversely affected.

This can also apply to surgical instruments and equipment used during the course of an operation.

Drugs and medicines administered during the course of your treatment should have been stringently safety tested, but in some cases it may later transpire that they are defective and may cause your illness or injury to worsen.

Making your compensation claim

If you are the victim of any medical negligence case involving defective medical products, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors have the experience to help secure the compensation you deserve.

As well as claiming for the suffering and distress caused, you may also be entitled to compensation for the additional cost of any medical care, and for lost earnings resulting from your having to take an extended break from work.

We can often look after your case on a no win, no fee basis, so contact us today and see if you are entitled to make a claim.