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Cosmetic Surgery

Relaxed regulation in the field of cosmetic surgery means there are a few surgeons out there who carry out unsatisfactory work. That said, even some of the best and most experienced plastic surgeons can make mistakes.

In any case, errors are unacceptable. They can result in serious problems for patients, such as pain, permanent mutilation and, in some cases, the onset of wider health issues.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help you claim compensation if you’ve suffered as a result of substandard treatment.

We will swiftly construct your claim and pursue it in court if necessary. Our aim is to secure a high amount of compensation for you as quickly as possible, in order for you to have corrective surgery if you wish.

What Constitutes a Claim?

Poor or bungled cosmetic surgery is a form of medical negligence and, as such, compensation claims have to be made on the grounds of negligence.

You are not able to make a claim if the surgery was carried out properly but you are unhappy with the aesthetic result. In the vast majority of cases there has to be an element of technical error – and this has to be confirmed by a qualified medical expert.

Mistakes made before and after the procedure can also have serious consequences. In some cases, you may be able entitled to compensation if the risks of the operation were not explained to you beforehand. If substandard aftercare hindered your recovery or negatively affected the results of the procedure, you can make a claim on those grounds.

What You Can Claim For

The court takes your pain and suffering into account, but that is not all.

The cost of any corrective treatment you’ve had to undergo should be factored into your claim, and if you’ve had to take any time off work as a result of the negligent surgery, you should be fully reimbursed for your loss of earnings.

Talk to Us

No medical negligence claim is straightforward, but cosmetic surgery cases can be especially complex. To receive the amount of compensation you deserve, you need help from legal experts.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors have extensive experience in all types of medical negligence cases. We can advise you on the best way to proceed, and will make sure your claim explains the severity of your suffering.