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Shoulder Injury Compensation Claims Value Settlement Calculator

Shoulder injury compensation claims are commonplace and regularly occur as a result of falls, accidents at work, or repetitive use of the shoulder at work.

The shoulder is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body and if injured can render an individual unable to perform the most basic of tasks. It is the joint that connects the upper arm to the shoulder blade and is made up of crucial structures that give the arm a full range of movement.

Injuries can occur over time, or immediately as the result of an accident. If a third party is to blame for your injuries, such as an employer, or a member of the public, then you are entitled to pursue a shoulder injury compensation claim.

If you or a family member have suffered a shoulder injury in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, then you should speak to one of the personal injury claim experts at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors for specialist legal advice and professional help in making your shoulder injury compensation claim.

Broken Collar Bone, Fractured Clavicle & Shoulder Injury Compensation Settlement Amounts

Compensation Guide

Severe shoulder injury with permanent effects e.g. fractures, dislocations, and nerve damage.
£15,300 - £38,300

Serious shoulder injury
£10,180 - £15,300

Moderate shoulder injury lasting up to 2 years e.g. Frozen Shoulder 
£6,290 - £10,180

Fractured Clavicle
£4,400 - £10,500

Minor shoulder injury involving soft tissue injuries with a prognosis of full recovery
Up to £6,290

(*New Fixed Tariffs apply for RTA Soft-tissue injury Compensation Claims after 01/06/21) - see below

How compensation could help with your shoulder injury

Any injury to the shoulder can cause significant pain to the sufferer and can severely impair an individual’s ability to carry out simple daily tasks. Such injuries may render a person unable to work and in extreme cases unable to return to the work they did prior to suffering the injury. Obviously, such circumstances would be significant in the pursuit of any claim for financial compensation.

The financial compensation can be used for things including:

  • Any medical expertise not available on the NHS
  • Rehabilitation support such as physiotherapy
  • To cover loss of income whilst recovering
  • Travel to and from medical appointments if unable to drive

The circumstances of any accident or injury suffered are unique, the same as your personal circumstances, and so it is impossible to provide a definitive figure at the outset. Any figures provided should be treated as a guide only. Any sum eventually awarded by a court will be considerate of two things:

General damages: Calculated based on the nature of your injury and it’s severity. It also factors in the pain and suffering you’ve endured and the reduction in quality of life you’ve suffered.

Special Damages: These are unique in each claim and will be determined by your loss of earnings, both historic and future. The special damages will also reimburse you for any costs you have incurred and are likely to incur because of the injury.

The figures detailed below are taken from the Judicial College personal injury guidelines and form the framework used by the courts for calculating the general damages you may be awarded.

Compensation Guide

RTA Soft Tissue Injury Compensation Values: Claims made after 1/6/21

New Fixed Tariff for RTA Soft Tissue Compensation Settlement Values:

Duration of injury   
Compensation Amounts
Regulation 2(1)(a) 
Injury Inc.
Not more than 3 months    £240   £260
More than 3 months, but not more than 6 months    £495   £520
More than 6 months, but not more than 9 months    £840   £895
More than 9 months, but not more than 12 months    £1,320   £1,390
More than 12 months, but not more than 15 months    £2,040   £2,125
More than 15 months, but not more than 18 months    £3,005   £3,100
More than 18 months, but not more than 24 months    £4,215   £4,345

Your claim could be significantly higher in value than the tariffs shown above - where you have suffered a further non-soft tissue injury

Common causes of shoulder injuries

The below list is not exhaustive but some of the most common causes of shoulder injuries include:

  • Strain from overuse or lifting / moving heavy objects
  • Slips, trips, or falls
  • Road traffic accidents, involving collisions and falls from bicycles and motorcycles
  • Physical assault
  • Use of uncomfortable furniture
  • Falling objects striking the shoulder
  • Sports injuries

Being clear on the shoulder injury you have sustained and ensuring you are able to provide evidence to support the exact cause of your injury and how it has affected your daily life can help greatly when pursuing a financial compensation claim.

Types of Common Shoulder Injury

Some common types of injuries sustained by the shoulder include:

Instability: where one of the joints is forced out of its usual position resulting in dislocation.

Labral Tear: a one-off accident or overuse of the shoulder can cause a tear in the labrum.

Frozen Shoulder: inflammation that causes pain and stiffness and severely limits movement.

Impingement: the result of prolonged rubbing of the shoulder muscles against the top part of the shoulder blade.

Osteoarthritis: a form of wear and tear of the joint that occurs with aging.

Bursitis: overuse which can lead to inflammation or swelling of the bursa.

Rotator Cuff Tear: the rotator cuff supports the range of motion in the shoulder and a tear may be the result of overuse or a sudden injury.

Dislocated shoulder: the ball joint of the upper arm is dislocated from the shoulder socket.

How to make a Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim

If you have suffered a shoulder injury in an accident that was the fault of someone else, then you are entitled to make a shoulder injury compensation claim. Sheldon Davidson Solicitors' team of personal injury solicitors in Manchester will handle every aspect of your shoulder injury compensation claim, maximising your chances of a successful claim and ensuring you are awarded the maximum financial settlement that you and your family deserve.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors are shoulder injury claim specialists with expertise in settling all manner of shoulder injury compensation claims.

We have an unrivalled record of obtaining practical financial support and excellent medical care for our clients. To find out more about pursuing your shoulder injury compensation claim, contact our team or fill in our online claim form.