Facial Scar Claims & Face Injury Compensation for Injury to the Eyes, Nose, Mouth, or Teeth



Facial Injury & Facial Scarring Compensation Calculator for Injury Claim Settlement Values

There are many different types of facial injury, but since the face is always on show, any kind of scarring or disfigurement can be particularly traumatic for the victim. In the modern world of selfies and social media, permanent facial scarring can severely inhibit a person’s ability to live a normal life. This can also deeply affect the mental and emotional health of an individual, causing issues such as depression and anxiety.

The face is also home to critical sensory areas such as the eyes and ears and as a result, serious facial injuries can result in damage to sight and/or hearing.

Obviously, the loss of sight or hearing loss would warrant a substantial financial compensation award as the victim’s life would be irrevocably changed. Some facial injuries can affect vital senses, such as smell or taste and even the victim’s ability to breathe.

In short, any type of facial injury can affect a person’s confidence and ability to function as they once did, and the psychological impact can be debilitating and lifelong. This impact on a person’s quality of life can play a significant role in any claim for compensation.

If you or a family member have suffered an accident and been injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness, then you should speak to one of the personal injury claim specialists at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors for expert legal advice and help in making your facial injury compensation claim.


Facial Injury and Facial Scarring Claim Settlement Amounts

Compensation Guide

Eye Injuries/Loss of Sight

Complete blindness in both eyes and deafness
In the region of:

Complete blindness in both eyes
In the region of:

Complete loss of sight in one eye, together with partial loss of sight in the other eye
£51,000 - £85,000

Complete loss of sight in one eye
£43,300 - £52,500

Minor eye injury
£3,150 - £7,000

Temporary eye injury with full recovery
£1,760 - £3,150

Nose Injuries

Serious nose fracture with permanent repercussions
£8,480 - £12,650

Displaced nose fracture requiring the need for surgery
£3,400 - £5,175

Simple cheekbone fracture not needing surgery
£1,850 - £2,400

Jawbone Injuries

Multiple jawbone fracture (Serious)
£24,300 - £36,350

Jawbone fracture (Serious)
£14,350 - £24,300

Jawbone fracture (Simple)
£5,100 - £7,000

Teeth Injuries

Chronic tooth pain with further deterioration anticipated
Up to £30,500

Loss or damage to both front teeth
£3,450 - £6,100

Loss or damage to a single front tooth
£1,750 - £3,150

Loss of or damage to back teeth (per tooth)
£850 - £1,350

Facial Scarring

Facial Scarring (Severe)
£14,300 - £77,600

Facial Scarring (Moderate)
£7,250 - £23,950

Facial Scarring (Minor)
£3,140 - £10,980

Other Facial Injuries

Facial fracture (Le Fort fractures)
£19,100 - £29,500

Facial fractures (multiple)
£11,900 - £19,100

How compensation could help with your recovery

Suffering a facial injury is potentially going to result in needing to take time off work and is likely to cause significant psychological, emotional, and financial strain for the injured person and their loved ones. If handled by personal injury experts, your facial injury compensation claim can help ease the financial burden and allow you to access specialist medical care that may not be available under the NHS.

It could help cover the expense of things such as:

  • Specialist medical expertise - Possibly plastic surgeons
  • Private dentistry - Replacement of lost and damaged teeth
  • Psychological support - Counselling and therapist to help with the mental and emotional effects of the injury
  • Loss of earnings - Help to support you and your family whilst you concentrate on recovery
  • Rehabilitation - Access to speech therapists if the injury affects the mouth
  • Specialist equipment - Such as hearing aids if the injury affects the hearing

Financial compensation awarded by a court is designed to support the victim on their journey to recovery and to reimburse for the obvious pain and suffering caused, as well as looking to recompense the victim for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident, such as medical expenses or loss of earnings.

Any facial injury compensation claim will be made up of two damages:

General Damages: This element of the claim is calculated based on the type and severity of the injury suffered and the degree of pain and suffering endured, as well as the impact the injury has had on the person’s life.

Special Damages: Designed to reimburse the victim for loss of earnings and expenses incurred as a result of the accident/injury, as well as considering the future loss of earnings and future costs.

There are some figures indicated below, but these should be treated purely as a guide since every case is unique and is treated as such by the court.

Common Causes of Facial Injuries and Facial Scarring

  • Allergic reactions - Often reactions to food
  • Burns - Can be inflicted by heat, chemicals, or radiation
  • Animal attacks - Normally from dogs but could be a kick from a horse
  • Sporting injuries - i.e. struck by a flailing arm in football or an accidental hit in the face by a hockey stick
  • Physical assault - An attack with the fists, feet, or with a weapon
  • Work accidents - Falling objects
  • Slips, trips, and falls - Slip and strike face on an object
  • Road traffic accidents - Impact with part of the car, another passenger, or lacerations from broken glass

Common types of facial injuries include:

  • Burns - potentially resulting in permanent scarring
  • Eye injuries
  • Dental injuries such as tooth damage or loss
  • Lacerations that leave permanent scarring
  • Fractures to facial bones such as eye sockets, cheekbones, or jaw

How to make a Facial Injury Compensation Claim

If you have suffered a facial injury and there is third-party accountability, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors' team personal injury lawyers in Manchester will handle all aspects of your facial injury compensation claim, maximising your chances of a successful claim and ensuring you are awarded the maximum financial settlement that you and your family deserve.

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