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Proper medical care is vital during pregnancy and childbirth, and you should be able to rely on medical professionals throughout this time. However, gynaecology negligence can cause potentially serious problems that may drastically alter the lives of parents and newborns.

If this happens, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation.


It is important that pregnancies are appropriately monitored to ensure the health of mother and baby, and this includes spotting potential problems early enough to prevent them from occurring later on.

You may be eligible for compensation if an issue is missed during scanning, while any medication given to the mother must not pose a risk to the baby’s health.


Complications during childbirth is every parent’s nightmare, and if it transpires that your medical team were at fault then your chances of a successful compensation claim are increased.

One of the most common cases of this nature involves a delay in childbirth, which can cause the baby’s brain to be starved of oxygen. This can result in conditions such as cerebral palsy. Indeed, a delay or failure in treatment of any illness could have serious long term consequences.

Medical negligence can also occur during a caesarean delivery, with previous cases dealing with anaesthetic failure, defective medical products or surgical tools and mistakes made during the operation itself.


In some cases, it may be that a couple or individual did not want a child at all, and in fact took steps to prevent childbirth such as sterilisation or other contraceptive procedures.

If this has failed and a pregnancy occurs, there have been instances of parents successfully claiming against hospitals for the money required to raise the child.

Get help from Sheldon Davidson Solicitors

If you have encountered gynaecology negligence during pregnancy or childbirth, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help you with a compensation claim.

Our team is sensitive to the often distressing nature of these cases, and will ensure your case is handled with utmost care and professionalism. Contact us today to see how we can help.