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Delayed Diagnosis

If your GP or another medical professional fails to diagnose your illness promptly, this can have implications for your health.

Delayed diagnosis could mean that your condition deteriorates from a stage where it may have been treatable to a point where it is more difficult to cure. This is particularly serious with diseases such as cancer, which can become terminal if left untreated for too long.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can help you claim compensation if medical negligence has left you with an illness that could have been dealt with if it was treated earlier.

What constitutes delayed diagnosis?

First and foremost, for a delayed diagnosis victim to receive compensation it must be proved that their illness got worse during the waiting period. Our experts are familiar with the most common circumstances under which this can happen.

When you visit a doctor for treatment, they may need to run tests to ascertain what is wrong with you. The results of these examinations should be returned in a reasonable amount of time so that any necessary treatment can begin.

Sometimes delayed diagnosis can occur even after a GP suspects there is a problem. You may need to be referred to a specialist, and once again this should be done in good time so that the problem can be diagnosed as quickly as possible.

If you feel there was an overly long waiting period before you were informed of your test results or sent to see a specialist, and your condition progressed during this time, you could be entitled to make a claim.

It should be noted that delayed diagnosis is not the same as misdiagnosis, where a medical professional fails to properly identify your condition, either missing it altogether or mistaking it for something else.

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