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Caught on Facebook

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Caught on Facebook

MD represented a client in Lancashire whose car was involved in a head- on road traffic collision with another car, when the other driver came onto the wrong side of the road when overtaking a parked vehicle. Responsibility for the accident was disputed and in a legal document verified by a signature, the other driver denied he strayed onto the wrong side of the road. However, MD obtained the other driver’s Facebook entries straight after the accident in which he discussed the collision with his friends and admitted he was overtaking a parked vehicle at the time, which with the measurements of the road proved he had strayed onto the wrong side of the road. When MD sought a Court Order for the other driver to explain the discrepancies in his story, the other driver’s solicitors refused to act for him. Consequently the motor insurers for the other driver accepted that they had to deal with MD’s client’s case in full.

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