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What to do if you are injured on holiday

13 | 06 | 14

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

With the World Cup underway this week, images of Rio’s iconic Copacabana Beach and majestic Sugarloaf Mountain have left many fans longing for a holiday in the sun.

While the vast majority of those lucky enough to be out in Brazil will doubtless enjoy a trip they will never forget, every year there are always the unlucky few who see their holiday spoiled by injury or illness that is beyond their control.

Of course, holidays are expensive and the financial loss incurred when one is cut short can be just as frustrating as the accident itself. Fortunately, help may be at hand.

Claiming in a UK court

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim for an injury abroad, doing so through that country’s legal system can be particularly daunting, particularly if you don’t speak the language.

However, there are some cases where you can get your claim dealt with in a UK court, and this is where Sheldon Davidson Solicitors, a leading firm of specialist accidents abroad solicitors, can assist you.

This generally applies if you have gone abroad as part of a package holiday, as these tend to be booked through a UK company that is then responsible for your well being.

What is a package holiday?

It is important to know what the law regards as a package holiday, as this could affect whether or not your claim is accepted. Simply put, if two or more of the core elements of your holiday were purchased from the same supplier, it will likely be classed as a package holiday.

These ‘core elements’ could include travel, hotels and supplementary features such as day excursions.

Once you have established the status of your trip, any injury or illness you suffer could become the responsibility of the tour company under the following government Acts:

  • Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982
  • Sale of Goods Act 1979

If your claim has merit, we will be able to clearly show that the company failed to provide the required care or quality during your holiday and that this was directly responsible for your accident or illness.

For example, you may suffer a fall in your hotel due to poorly maintained floors, stairs or walkways, or you could become ill from eating a meal that was arranged by your tour company.

Speak to us about your claim

If you feel as though you have sustained an injury abroad as a result of third-party negligence, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors' team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester will advise you on the best way to proceed with your claim.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors are Personal Injury Claim specialists with significant expertise in settling a broad range of Personal Injury Claims, including everything from Accidents Abroad Claims to Medical Negligence Claims, such as Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims.

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