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Failed appeal for jailed 15mph driver after fatal crash

27 | 06 | 14

A 73-year-old man who killed a pedestrian while driving at 15mph in Lincoln has lost an appeal against his two-year jail sentence.

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Lawyers oppose end to whiplash damages

27 | 03 | 14

Leading personal injury claimant groups have said they will resist plans from insurance firms to encourage the withdrawal of compensation awards for all whiplash victims.

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Dealing with injury claims this winter

20 | 12 | 13

With Christmas around the corner, it’s a time for everyone to be celebrating and enjoying the festive season. Of course, winter does bring its own hazards, particular with the cold weather setting in and making conditions potentially treacherous for both pedestrians and drivers alike.

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MPs continue to debate whiplash claim reform

08 | 11 | 13

The transport select committee has said it will continue to discuss whiplash claim reform, despite a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announcement indicating they would not raise the small claims limit.

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Government could increase driving age

18 | 10 | 13

Young drivers could have to wait until they are 18 to take their test, as the government bids to reduce road traffic accidents in the UK.

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Study claims Manchester roads are hazardous for schoolchildren

17 | 09 | 13

A study released earlier this month suggests that Manchester is home to the second highest number of road traffic accidents involving children in the country.

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Accidents Abroad – Road Traffic Accidents

19 | 08 | 13

Road Traffic Accident Compensation claims can be very stressful for victims regardless of where they occur, but if such an incident happens abroad it is even more important to get expert advice from experienced solicitors.

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APIL challenges insurance companies on whiplash claims

05 | 03 | 13

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has rejected a suggestion from a leading insurance company that whiplash claims should be handled directly by insurers.

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Traffic accident compensation claims on icy roads

22 | 01 | 13

Freezing weather increases road accident risk The Highways Agency has praised motorists for the way they have dealt with tricky road conditions caused by the cold weather that has swept across the country.

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North West Road Traffic Accidents

17 | 12 | 12

Road traffic accidents in the North West have fallen by 44% in the last ten years, according to figures from Post Office Car Insurance.

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