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Extreme Manchester weather increases risk of accidents

10 | 12 | 14

Forecasters have revealed Manchester is set to experience an extreme shift in the weather over December.

Serious Injury, Road & Bike

Manchester motorists at risk due to lack of road sign knowledge

28 | 11 | 14

A survey has suggested that as many as 70% of road users in Manchester have an unsatisfactory knowledge of basic road signs.

Road & Bike

What to do if you collide with an uninsured driver

17 | 11 | 14

Recently uncovered information has suggested that there are still many people driving on UK roads without insurance.

Road & Bike

Man injured in Salford motorbike crash

07 | 11 | 14

An accident involving a car and a motorcycle in Salford has highlighted the importance of taking care on the road this winter.

Road & Bike

Council fined after cleaner is seriously injured in road accident

20 | 10 | 14

Manchester City Council has been fined £15,000 after a worker was run over at 70mph while on duty.

Accidents at Work, Road & Bike

Heavy rain causes chaos on Manchester roads

16 | 10 | 14

It was reported that Greater Manchester experienced 30mm of rainfall in the first six days of October – far more than it received in the entire month of September.

Road & Bike

What to do if you are knocked down by a cyclist

09 | 10 | 14

Most people associate road traffic accidents involving pedestrians with cars and motorcycles, but they are not the only vehicles that can cause serious harm to people.

Road & Bike

Cyclist films commute to shame negligent drivers

18 | 09 | 14

A Manchester commuter who cycles to and from work every day has begun filming examples of negligent driving and posting them on YouTube under the alias ‘MCR Cyclist’.

Road & Bike

RoSPA calls for better occupational road risk management

30 | 07 | 14

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has urged employers and the government to do more to monitor work-related road accidents.

Road & Bike

What happens if you are in a road accident with an emergency vehicle?

04 | 07 | 14

Ambulances, fire engines and police cars are not immune to road accidents, nor are they exempt from blame in these circumstances. We’ve taken a look at what you should do if you are involved in an accident with an emergency vehicle.

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