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Official Injury Claims Portal - Fair or Flawed?

02 | 08 | 22

Varying degrees of criticism have been levied against the OIC since its launch, and, more than a year from its launch, the portal is attracting widespread criticism from the public and from the legal profession.

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Don’t Let Christmas Take Away Your Licence

17 | 12 | 15

According to figures from Think! 240 people died in 2013 due to drink driving in the UK. Did you know that having a second drink can double your chance of a fatal collision?

Road & Bike

Good news for Motorists or not?

14 | 12 | 15

Recently the Government made some unexpected announcements in relation to personal injury claims.

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Drive less, live more

27 | 11 | 15

We are half way through Road Safety Week that is currently taking place across the UK between the 23-29 of November.

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Daylight Saving Time ends: how does this affect your safety on the road?

23 | 10 | 15

This weekend we revert back to Greenwich Mean Time as the clocks go back one hour, the mornings get lighter and evenings darker.

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Hoverboard Ban

16 | 10 | 15

If you are already an owner of the latest high-tech gadget, by now you will more than likely be aware of the latest law enforced upon them.

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Tweeting driver fined for cyclist collision

25 | 09 | 15

A woman has been fined and given seven points on her driving licence following an incident involving a cyclist earlier this year.

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Safe Journeys for the August Bank Holiday

21 | 08 | 15

Believe it or not, British summer is in full swing! Aside from over indulging at BBQs, the odd trip to the seaside, weddings, weddings and more weddings, one thing we at Sheldon Davidson Solicitors love more than anything about the British Summertime is bank holidays!

Serious Injury, Road & Bike

Strong wind forecasts highlight need for road caution

14 | 01 | 15

Persistent strong wind forecasts from the Met Office have reminded drivers in the Manchester area that taking extra care on the roads this January is essential to the safety of local roads.

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THINK! campaign warns of drink-drivers this Christmas

17 | 12 | 14

This Christmas marks 50 years since the THINK! road safety campaign produced its first drink-driving warning.

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