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How will new legislation affect your personal injury claim?

30 | 04 | 13

By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

Recent government changes to legislation around personal injury have permanently altered the way personal injury claims are brought, managed and compensated.

While Sheldon Davidson Solicitors was well prepared for these amendments and will continue to offer the same high standards of service, the new regulations have left many solicitors fearing for what the future holds.

What has changed?

Recent alterations to regulations have drastically affected the way personal injury solicitors can approach their handling of personal injury claims.

By far the most significant change for claimants concerns the way compensation is allocated, with personal injury solicitors now able to claim up to 25% of the compensation amount awarded to successful clients. Until the start of April, solicitor fees had been paid for by the losing side, but the controversial government changes have now blocked this route.

It has increased the amounts awarded to victims by 10% in an effort to offset this new legislation, but the move has left many victims worried that they will receive less compensation than before and has also cast doubt over the future of ‘no win, no fee’ claims.

What Sheldon Davidson Solicitors can do

Fortunately for claimants, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors will still offer ‘no win, no fee’ in selected cases, based on the likely success of the claim.

You can be sure that our experienced team of Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester will always act in your best interests, whether you have suffered an injury at work, been involved in a road traffic accident or are looking to bring a medical negligence claim.

At a time when personal injury claims are undergoing a lot of changes, we can provide you with a friendly, reliable service that ensures you receive the maximum compensation possible. Contact us today to ask about your claim.