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Hoverboard Ban

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By SheldonDavidsonSolicitors

If you are already an owner of the latest high-tech gadget, by now you will more than likely be aware of the latest law enforced upon them.

Sadly, your days of hovering the streets on your board are over. The Crown Prosecution Service has this week reiterated guidance on riding “personal transporters” in a public place in Britain is illegal. The wheeled devices have been deemed too unsafe to ride on the road, and too dangerous to ride on the pavement.

They have placed the new gadgets under the same category as Segways that are already banned under the 1835 Highways Act. This leaves the question as to where can you legally enjoy your new gadget?

As a result of the legislation, the only legal area for you to use your hoverbaord is on private property, with the landowner’s permission. Although the ban has now been enforced, hoverboard manufacturers and distributors are remaining optimistic. Simon Benson claimed that the new changes would only generate even more popularity:

“If the authorities give any impression that the use of hoverboards in some circumstances is unlawful, then I expect sales to soar.”

As news of the hoverbaord ban has seen social media erupt with a mixture of disappointment and frustration because the ban is being enforced as a result of a 180-year-old legislation. With Christmas just around the coroner, will you now be rethinking your wish lists?

Back in August the world record holder Usain Bolt was flattened by a cameraman on a Segway, which is a similar device to the hoverbaord. A Segway, just like the hoverbaord is a self-balancing two wheeled mini scooter. Moments after winning the 200m gold at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, the cameraman accidently rode into Bolt knocking him to the floor, luckily he escaped with no injuries.

More recently, reality TV star Alli Simpson was hospitalized due to an accident on her hoverboard. So how safe are these new devices? Currently the Internet is filled with ‘Hoverboard Fails’ of riders taking the wrong turn, or balancing incorrectly and ultimately ending up on the floor.

Sheldon Davidson Solicitors

If you were to fall from your hoverbaord causing yourself harm, in most instances you would be to blame for any injuries that you suffer.

However there are many instances where you may suffer from a non-fault personal injury, for example a road accident, or accident whilst at work or on holiday. At Sheldon Davidson Solicitors we believe that you should not have to suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness.

Each person that we help who has suffered a non-fault personal injury has completely different experiences, with a completely different road to recovery. Our team of personal injury specialists understand this and do all that they can in order to help you move forward from your injury including helping you obtain the rehabilitation care you need.

If after reading this you feel you may need our help, call a member of our team on 0333 999 8800.


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