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Dealing with injury claims this winter

20 | 12 | 13

With Christmas around the corner, it’s a time for everyone to be celebrating and enjoying the festive season. Of course, winter does bring its own hazards, particular with the cold weather setting in and making conditions potentially treacherous for both pedestrians and drivers alike.

Serious Injury, Road & Bike

Concern as A&E units miss targets

13 | 12 | 13

NHS figures have revealed English A&E units have missed their waiting time targets for the first time since mid-April.

Medical Negligence

MPs continue to debate whiplash claim reform

08 | 11 | 13

The transport select committee has said it will continue to discuss whiplash claim reform, despite a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announcement indicating they would not raise the small claims limit.

Road & Bike

Government could increase driving age

18 | 10 | 13

Young drivers could have to wait until they are 18 to take their test, as the government bids to reduce road traffic accidents in the UK.

Road & Bike

Former ITV Studios In £1 Million Asbestos Removal

11 | 10 | 13

The new owners of Manchester’s Granada TV Studios will have to pay up to £1 million to remove asbestos from the building, having purchased the site for £26.5 million earlier this year.

Accidents at Work

Study claims Manchester roads are hazardous for schoolchildren

17 | 09 | 13

A study released earlier this month suggests that Manchester is home to the second highest number of road traffic accidents involving children in the country.

Road & Bike

Accidents Abroad – Road Traffic Accidents

19 | 08 | 13

Road Traffic Accident Compensation claims can be very stressful for victims regardless of where they occur, but if such an incident happens abroad it is even more important to get expert advice from experienced solicitors.

Road & Bike

Law Society launches ‘Don’t Get Mugged’ personal injury campaign

02 | 07 | 13

The Law Society has unveiled a new advertising campaign that it hopes will encourage victims to use a personal injury solicitor instead of dealing directly with insurance companies.

Serious Injury

Which jobs pose the greatest industrial accident risk?

21 | 06 | 13

Government statistics have revealed the most dangerous jobs in the country, with workers in these areas more likely to suffer an industrial accidentor develop an industrial disease than in other sectors.

Accidents at Work

Risk of death after operations higher for weekend patients

04 | 06 | 13

A report from the British Medical Journal has indicated that the risk of death from non-emergency procedures is significantly higher towards the end of the week.

Medical Negligence