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Employer Admits Liability

22 | 12 | 14

Whilst working in a factory on a guillotine machine Tom aged 20 years severed his little finger and partially severed his left ring finger.

Accidents at Work

Ice and snow warnings reinforce employer responsibility

18 | 12 | 14

As the Met Office has continued to issue ice and snow warnings for Greater Manchester this winter, it should serve as a reminder to employers throughout the region that they must ensure that their workers are not put at risk.

Accidents at Work

THINK! campaign warns of drink-drivers this Christmas

17 | 12 | 14

This Christmas marks 50 years since the THINK! road safety campaign produced its first drink-driving warning.

Road & Bike

Extreme Manchester weather increases risk of accidents

10 | 12 | 14

Forecasters have revealed Manchester is set to experience an extreme shift in the weather over December.

Serious Injury, Road & Bike

Manchester motorists at risk due to lack of road sign knowledge

28 | 11 | 14

A survey has suggested that as many as 70% of road users in Manchester have an unsatisfactory knowledge of basic road signs.

Road & Bike

Factory burns incident highlights need for proper health and safety

24 | 11 | 14

A serious accident at a Manchester paint factory has reinforced how easily accidents can happen in industrial workplaces that do not have strictly regimented health and safety procedures in place.

Accidents at Work

Hard work and support

20 | 11 | 14

About SDS

What to do if you collide with an uninsured driver

17 | 11 | 14

Recently uncovered information has suggested that there are still many people driving on UK roads without insurance.

Road & Bike

Man injured in Salford motorbike crash

07 | 11 | 14

An accident involving a car and a motorcycle in Salford has highlighted the importance of taking care on the road this winter.

Road & Bike

The importance of safety equipment for construction workers

03 | 11 | 14

All employers are legally required to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Those who work in the construction industry are particularly at risk and face a number of potential hazards.

Accidents at Work