Spinal Cord Compression Delayed Diagnosis Claim London



Mr Morais received £30,000 as a result of a delay in diagnosis of cervical spinal cord compression.

 In January 2019, the Defendant Hospital failed to provide Mr Morais with the reasonable and appropriate treatment. Our experts confirmed that such failures amounted to a breach of duty. As a result, there was a significant delay in diagnosis of cervical spinal cord compression and a subsequent 9-month delay in the Mr Morais undergoing decompression spinal surgery.

As a result of the Defendant’s negligence, the diagnosis of cervical spinal compression and surgery was delayed and during this 9-month period, Mr Morais suffered from significant back pain, bilateral leg pains, struggled mobilising, had numbness in legs, cold sensation in legs, stiffness/cramp in legs loss of balance and had difficulty gripping and using his hands/fingers. Due to the delay in diagnosis/surgery, Mr Morais is now suffering from increased spinal cord damage and increased chronicity of symptoms.

Our Independent Consultant Spinal Surgeon opined that had Mr Morais been provided with the appropriate treatment in January 2019, he would have been diagnosed at an earlier date, undergone surgery sooner and, on a balance of probability (over 50% chance), his recovery would have been better than what it is now. Our expert averred that, due to the delay in diagnosis of cervical spine compression and surgical intervention, Mr Morais is now suffering from more significant cervical spinal cord damage, cervical myelopathy and chronic pain and that, in the circumstances, earlier intervention was recommended and that delay in intervention has resulted in increased damage and chronicity of his symptoms.

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