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Delayed Diagnosis of Gallstones Bradford

Posted on June 8, 2021 by SheldonDavidsonSolicitors



Delay in Diagnosis of Gallstones in Bradford Due to GP Negligence

Mrs Jones was awarded £3,500 for a delay in her diagnosis of gallstones.

Mrs Jones attended her GP Surgery on a regular basis complaining of ongoing upper abdominal pains, cramps, nauseas and vomiting. The GP failed to make the appropriate referral and/or arrange for Mrs Jones to undergo an ultrasound scan.

Mrs Jones eventually attended A&E, due to the excruciating pain that she was in, and underwent an ultrasound scan. She was diagnosed with gallstones and informed that she would have to undergo an operation.

As a result of the GP’s negligence, Mrs Jones’s diagnosis of gallstones was delayed and she suffered from 15 months of pain and suffering. It was admitted by the GP that a scan should have been undertaken at an earlier date and this would have resulted in an earlier diagnosis of gallstones.

Mrs Jones has stated the following about her experience using Sheldon Davidson Solicitors;

With support from Demi I was able to settle my claim quickly and got a positive result from my claim. I was kept informed all the way through my case and the discussions were professional and done in an open an honest way. I was shown compassion around my personal injury and the effect it has had on myself and my family.

The jargon etc was always explained to me and my thoughts and feelings on how I wanted my claim to progress were always listened to and taken on board. I would highly recommend Demi and the firm for any personal injury cases.’

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