Withdrawn Insurance Policy

CH client Mr. H, from Preston was involved in a Road Traffic Accident on a Friday evening when his vehicle was hit from the rear whilst turning into a minor road from a major road.

Mr. H’s own insurers carried out a routine check into his accident claim and had his and the other’s Party’s vehicle inspected. An engineer concluded that the damage to both vehicles was not consistent and therefore the accident was staged and the Claimant had attempted to commit insurance fraud.

Mr. H’s own insurance withdrew his insurance policy. The third party insurers joined forces with Mr. H’s own insurers and rejected his claim which involved damages totaling £28,000.00.

CH took on the case, started Court Proceedings and obtained forensic engineer’s evidence to show that the client’s own insurer’s evidence, and the Defendant’s evidence was fatally flawed, that the accident was a genuine accident which had happened and that there was no attempts to make a fraudulent claim.

The Defendant’s Solicitors maintained their position that the claim was a fraudulent claim right up until three days before the Trial, at which time they withdrew their allegations and paid damages exceeding £28,000.00.

Given that Mr. H’s own insurers had turned against him and obtained what appeared to be forensic engineer’s evidence that proved he was involved in a conspiracy to defraud an insurer, Mr. H would have found it extremely difficult to find the assistance of a Solicitor, and even more difficult to obtain the assistance of a Solicitor who was willing to work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

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