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Tripping Injury

MH acted in a claim for an ex-army client who had gone out for a jog near his home. As he was passing a couple who were walking along the pavement he tripped on a broken and raised paving slap, causing him to fall and injure himself. The council provided evidence which appeared to show the client had called them and told them a different location to where the defect was, and they provided evidence that the council had undertaken proper check and repairs on the road only a month prior to the accident. We ran this case even though others wouldn’t because we listened to our client and he came across as honest and genuine. We pushed the case to a final hearing where we were able to prove that the Council hadn’t undertaken the proper checks and repairs to the pavement and the person who took the call for the Council was from a completely different area and had simply made an incorrect record of the accident location. In that case we were able to secure the client damages of £3606.

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